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  2. Classroom Rules — August 1, 2018
  3. Science Sequence at Truth Academy — July 28, 2018
  4. Do You Need Help? — July 7, 2018
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Nov 10

Email Etiquette

Another important skill for all students to master before PSEO, college or career.  Posted on July 3, 2019 by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa on her “Homeschooling for College Credit” webpage “In the age of social media, many students approach emailing similar to texting and other forms of digital communication, where the crucial conventions are brevity and informality. …

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Aug 01

Classroom Rules

In addition to the Truth Academy Discipline Policy, there are some specific rules that will make our classroom more efficient and enjoyable for all.  Class rules: Arrive for class no sooner than 5 minutes before the hour. Wait quietly outside classroom until previous class is dismissed.  Stay in designated areas of building. Leave backpacks, jackets, …

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Jul 28

Science Sequence at Truth Academy

Frequently I get questions about including Environmental Science in the high school science sequence.  One of the questions asked is why we are not using a Christian curriculum for that class and the other question is why study Environmental Science at all. Environmental Science was added to the science sequence at Truth Academy for a …

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Jul 07

Do You Need Help?

Do you need help:   Creating & maintaining a high school transcript? Making sure that all high school requirements are met? Developing a plan to incorporate CLEP/DSST exams into your student’s curriculum? Making the most of PSEO opportunities to cut your student’s time in college? Mapping out a college degree plan?     Schedule a …

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Feb 08

ID Requirements for Testing

Most test sites require exam takers to have two forms of ID.  One of them must be a government issued ID which usually means a Driver’s license or permit, a valid Passport or state-issued ID card.  If you don’t already have one of these, get one ordered ASAP as it can take 4-6 weeks to …

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Jan 29

Where to test?

Note:  New test center locations added!  All details are subject to change and you should call ahead to learn current procedures for test scheduling and test dates.  Keep in mind that over breaks, limited test times may be available. CLEP tests require you to create an account with College Board online and pay for the …

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Aug 10

More Effective Studying…..

How To Study Most Effectively For Your Learning Style How can you make learning easy and effective? Contrary to popular opinion, textbooks and lectures might not be your best option. Whether you are taking a regular class or studying for a CLEP exam, you can greatly increase your productivity by…

Nov 15

Why Is So Much Environmentalism at War with Humanity?

What really drives the environmental movement? Why are so many people so quick to believe hyped up claims of manmade eco-disaster lurking around the corner, when those claims never seem to pan out? And why are so many intelligent scholars so prone to huge errors—like those that yielded the now infamous “Hockey Stick” graph of …

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Nov 15

Why Are They Fighting to Keep People Hungry?

The Phony War Against CO2 The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by physicist Rodney W. Nichols and geologist and Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt that makes perfect sense. Here’s its start: National polls show that climate change is low on the list of voters’ priorities. For good reason: In the U.S., and for …

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Oct 27

5 Major Threats to Biodiversity

Environmental Science Students:  Here’s a helpful mnemonic for remembering the 5 Major Threats to Biodiversity   HIPPO H = Habit loss I = Invasive Species P = Pollution P = Population (human) O = Overharvesting

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