Aug 01

Classroom Rules

In addition to the Truth Academy Discipline Policy, there are some specific rules that will make our classroom more efficient and enjoyable for all. 

Class rules:

  1. Arrive for class no sooner than 5 minutes before the hour. Wait quietly outside classroom until previous class is dismissed.  Stay in designated areas of building.

  2. Leave backpacks, jackets, etc. out in atrium or on other side of classroom.

  3. Snacks should be eaten between classes or in the first 5 minutes of class.

  4. Quiet when I or others are talking. No seating chart unless noise becomes an issue.

  5. Respect for teacher (obedience and address me as Mrs. Stenzel).  Respect others & property including the facility.

  6. Silence cell phones and leave in backpack or jacket.

  7. Communicate with me via email if you have questions.