Jul 28

Science Sequence at Truth Academy

Frequently I get questions about including Environmental Science in the high school science sequence.  One of the questions asked is why we are not using a Christian curriculum for that class and the other question is why study Environmental Science at all.

Environmental Science was added to the science sequence at Truth Academy for a number of reasons:

  1. Since the “Green Movement” is in the news daily, the topics covered are relevant and engaging. Even though there is not a comprehensive Christian curriculum available, the one used includes less political correctness and teaches more of the actual science of our environment.  Classroom discussions focus on what the Bible says about being good stewards of God’s creation and students will be learning about some of the fallacies of global warming, population growth, and other controversial subjects that the Green Movement promotes.  Discussing this material in a high school classroom with other Christians equips students to be prepared for the liberal agenda they may encounter in college and beyond.
  2. In comparison to Apologia Physical Science, Environmental Science a is less-challenging science course for most students. Thus, it fits well in the sequence between Apologia General Science and Physical Science.  It gives younger students an additional year to build their academic and math skills to the level that Apologia Physical Science requires which means a good working knowledge of Pre-Algebra.
  3. By taking Environmental Science and General Science before Physical Science, students will be a year older and more mature when they take Apologia Biology.  Apologia Biology can be a very challenging course for younger students since it is considered a College-Prep level course and is quite detailed and thorough.  At an older age, students are more able to comprehend the in-depth study of Biology that Apologia provides.
  4. For students who are not as science oriented, Environmental Science offers an alternative way to complete a high school biology course and may be listed on the high school transcript as “Environmental Biology.”
  5. Since there is a DSST credit by exam available for Environmental Science, students are introduced to the Credit by Exam process with a subject that is typically very understandable and one of the easier exams to pass for college credit.
  6. At most colleges, the Environmental Science DSST fulfills two goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum general education requirements. At least one of those goal areas are typically taught by very liberal professors who are almost rabid in their indoctrination of students into their beliefs about environmentalism.  This offers students another way to meet that goal area.


Currently General Science and Environmental Science are offered on alternating years and suitable for junior high students.  Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry are offered every year and best suited for 9th grade and beyond.

Truth Academy believes that parents are the ultimate decision maker for their individual child’s education and should weigh all of the options in order to choose what works best for their own student’s needs.  If you are uncertain as to which course to choose and would like further input, the Truth Academy leadership team or Debbie Stenzel would be happy to talk with you further.