Jan 29

Where to test?

Note:  New test center locations added!  All details are subject to change and you should call ahead to learn current procedures for test scheduling and test dates.  Keep in mind that over breaks, limited test times may be available. CLEP tests require you to create an account with College Board online and pay for the exam ahead of time.  DSST exams are paid for at the test center on test day.  Most test centers require you to register for a testing appointment before testing.

It might be best to pick a date and then work towards that goal.  Sometimes having a deadline on the calendar can be a powerful motivator.  However, DO NOT test unless you are certain your student is really ready.  That will be determined by the scores on practice tests.  It is discouraging to have put so much time and effort into test preparation and then to miss passing by a point or two.

Students:  Please do not hesitate to contact me for help in determining readiness to test..

Test Center Locations