What Others Have to Say

I just want to say thank you for all the guidance and individual attention you gave to each of our girls during the computer class.  They both found the class helpful in terms of keeping them on track, but they really appreciated being able to send you a note and find out exactly what they should do next to best prepare for the exam. 

As a parent, I was so thankful to have the accountability for them.  As you know, homeschooling doesn’t have a lot of checks and balances and when it came time to prepare for the DSST exam, it really helped to have a third party to whom they were accountable.  I do not know all the test sites, review test sites and all the ins and outs of preparing for the exam, so it was so helpful for me to be able to turn that aspect of over to someone who has been there and done it.

One of the exciting parts as a parent was watching the test scores rise each time they took a practice exam, studied the wrong answers, reviewed and then re-took the test.  It is a method that paid off for our oldest and seems to be working for our second daughter as she prepares to take the exam soon.  There was a real sense of accomplishment for our oldest who just took and passed the DSST.  As she said, “I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something when I finish a class!”  She is so enthusiastic about the opportunity CLEP and DSST provide and most anxious to tackle the next one.

Thank you for your help.  It is worth every penny!                Paula B.


Thank you, Mrs. Stenzel, for a fabulous year!  It was our first experience in taking “real classes” other than our homeschooling work at home.  My daughter took your class and a writing class, and they were both amazing!  I appreciate you so much, and all you did for her.  You conducted a “stellar” class!                  Jill H.


Ms. Stenzel, Just wanted to thank you for teaching our son this year.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the class.  I thought your schedule was very demanding and challenging but reasonable to accomplish.  He learned an enormous amount of information this year.  The lab reports will serve him well in future science classes.                Elaine W.


We have an awesome teacher! Mrs. Stenzel is great. Keep her posted on your scores and how you are doing. She has tons of resources to help you learn the material really well and she is so encouraging. Her advice is invaluable.

When you walk out of that test center with college credits it is so worth all the work you put into it! It is exciting knowing that you are earning college credits before even finishing high school. The rewards are huge! You save yourself time, money, and a lot of work through these classes.                        Meghan B.


My 9th grade daughter recently completed a class with 25 other students taught by Debbie.  Perhaps one of Debbie’s greatest gifts is the ability to aptly present difficult material in an engaging fashion.  She created her own syllabus for the course, adding several real-world projects that helped her students grasp and relate to sometimes difficult concepts.  I often heard students leaving her classroom bantering about the games and challenges they had fun with in class.  She was punctual, always prepared, gave thoughtful encouragement to each student, yet held them individually accountable for their assignments and projects.  As a parent, I appreciated the accountability her grades, tests and projects provided to make the course of interest to my daughter, yet provided me with feedback as to her achievement.  Debbie has consistently shown her ability to relate to a high school student’s individual academic needs and tailor her instruction to the student and her encouragement to the parent in such as fashion as to propel the student to succeed.                 Cheri F.


Debbie did a wonderful job implementing games and incentives for the students to do their best in their work. I feel the kids learned a great deal under her teaching.

Katie B.


My child sat under Debbie’s teaching a number of years at S.P.I.C.E., a homeschooling support group/co-op.  I know the hard work and dedication that she put into the Geography class she taught. She was well prepared and kept in mind the diverse age group of the homeschoolers she was teaching.

Holly B.


While holding a high standard, Debbie also allowed appropriate opportunities for the students to earn extra credit.  She held class review times with games that gave the students a chance to win prizes, which added some fun to the course.   Debbie is a thorough and well-organized teacher. She puts a lot of time and effort into the classes that she teaches.  I appreciate her honesty, her high standards, and her commitment to helping her students succeed.              Julia B


I sang your praises to my mother all day as we had a special day together.  I told her that you are a gift from God and are using His gifts entrusted to you!  Thank you!  I will plan on giving away your business cards to families that will also be blessed with your guidance.                        Andrea P.


This class has given him a structure to work in—grow in and keep him accountable and show him he can be successful–even in subject areas that may not be his passion—a learning that may be more important than the science he is learning about!  I have six children and have delegated some classes to co-op teachers on occasion.   I feel that the $ we have spent on this class and my expectations have been exceeded!  I think as a homeschool mom I would rate your class as the best experience I/we’ve had to date.   Thanks for all your detailed hard work…good feedback and care for your students!                Becky L.


You are a real blessing to our family, Debbie. At the beginning of the year, my biggest goal was to shore up my son’s study skills. When I would ask him what his goals were, he would say, “I don’t need any goals.” Now at the end of the year, he is setting goals for Boy Scouts, he is more confident in studying a lot of information and learning it, and he has far exceeded where I wanted him to be with his study skills. I credit you for a lot of that. He really appreciated your kind words towards the end and your encouraging attitude towards him. So thank you for walking along side of us in this process.                Kellee M.