U.S. History



U.S. History 1 w/ CLEP option

Description:  Students will be studying History of the United States, which covers American history through the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Students may use any American History curriculum of their choosing.  Additional resources will be recommended including online videos and movies.  A study schedule will be provided that follows the PASS curriculum which can be downloaded and printed from my website.  Those using other curriculum will need to correlate the subject matter being studied in class with the chapters in their textbook.  Since the study of history is generally chronological, that should not be too challenging to coordinate.

U.S. History 1 is an excellent introduction to the CLEP/DSST process since most students have taken U.S. History several times throughout their academic career and are especially familiar with early American history. Students will be provided with study suggestions and practice tests that will help prepare them to take this exam which is worth 3 college credits. Exam scheduling, requirements, test-taking skills, study tools, practice tests, and more will all be covered.  In addition, this course will provide a framework of study methods and resources that will be transferable to exam preparation for future CLEP/DSST exams.  Participating in this class is no guarantee of passing the CLEP exam, but will depend on the student’s motivation, maturity and commitment.  Parents will need to be prepared to come alongside their student to provide encouragement and accountability.

Grade level:  7th – 12th grade

Homework:  Minimum of 3-4 hours per week with additional time required in preparation for the CLEP.

Text:  Required—Your U.S. History curriculum or the PASS curriculum.  Contact Mrs. Stenzel for the PASS curriculum if you do not already have it.  Needed for CLEP prep in spring semesterREA Best Test Preparation for the CLEP History of the United States 1 (ISBN #087891272X w/CD or ISBN #9780878918966 w/o CD), available on Amazon for $20 or less.  Practice tests available for CLEP exams may require an additional fee.  Purchase of an online flashcard study system is also recommended at a cost of $20 or less.  Students need only a U.S. History curriculum to begin the class.

Required:  Reliable internet access and e-mail account for students to receive class notices, submit assignments, participate in class discussions, download supplemental reading and worksheets, take practice tests, view supplemental videos, and link to applicable websites.  Additional fee of $10-$20 for online video access may be required.