Test Protocol

Rather than using our limited classroom time for the Module tests every other week, we will be spending our classroom time on labs and review activities.  Thus Parents will be proctoring the Module tests at home.  In order to preserve the integrity of the at-home testing procedure, certain procedures for administering the tests at home must be followed.  Students should take the test in a supervised environment without use of their notes, textbook or any other resources.  Answers to the tests need to be Word Processed.  If there are diagrams or drawings, those may be hand drawn/written and clearly marked with the correct question number and attached to the word processed test. 

The parent should place the completed test in a sealed envelope with their signature across the envelope flap OR e-mail it to me from the parent’s e-mail account as a Word document, PDF file or Google document.  I will return the graded tests to students the following week.

Since the test and answers are included in the solution manual, the solution manual needs to be kept separate from the student’s materials.  Previous students have mentioned the temptation of being able to look at the test questions and answers before taking the test which defeats the purpose and value of the actual test.

Parents, if your student is correcting their own study guide and module summary questions using the solution manual, I would recommend that you remove the tests and answers and place them in your teacher file so students are not tempted to take a peek ahead of time at the test.  Ideally, parents would be correcting the study guide and module summary questions together with their student, but I know that isn’t always possible.  If the tests and answers are neatly removed from the booklet, resale of the curriculum should not be a problem.

Students, please take steps to ensure that the integrity of the testing situation is preserved so that you are really learning the material as well as developing sound personal ethics and character.  Don’t short-change yourself by cheating!