General Science

General Science Lab


General Science Lab:  General science builds a strong foundation for scientific thinking and helps prepare students for the challenges of higher level science courses.  Numerous in-class labs and investigations provide opportunities for students to develop and practice laboratory skills.  Opportunities for peer discussion of class topics are provided as well as interactive small group activities including presentations of experiments by students.

Topics covered include the key components of the scientific method including how to analyze and interpret data and write a simple lab report.  Applied science and technology as well as archeology, paleontology and geology will be explored.  Students will also cover topics such as scientific classification, the structure of life including DNA, life’s energy cycle and human anatomy (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, urinary, and nervous systems).

Do not be tempted to skip Apologia General Science as it thoroughly teaches the skills of careful observation and detailed lab report writing that enables students to be successful in upper level science classes.  In addition, it covers human anatomy which is NOT covered in Apologia Biology, but IS part of the Biology CLEP exam.  In addition, taking General Science allows students to be a year older when taking Biology which is quite rigorous.

Here’s a suggested science sequence using courses offered at Truth Academy:  7th & 8th grade: General Science or Environmental Science (either order works well), 9th grade: Physical Science, 10th grade: Biology, 11th grade: Chemistry, if desired.

Prerequisite:  Basic elementary science courses.  Students must be able to keep up with reading and homework to fully comprehend the material and to be prepared for class discussions and experiments.

Text:  Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Jay Wile, (ISBN #9781932012866) and Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition, Solutions Manual (ISBN #9781932012873).  Auditory learners or slow-readers may want to purchase the MP3 audiobook.

Homework:  Minimum of 3-4 hours per week

Required:  Reliable internet access and e-mail account for students to receive class notices, submit assignments, participate in class discussions, download supplemental reading and worksheets, take practice tests, view supplemental videos, and link to applicable websites.